Crusader Kings III: Friends and Foes

  • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Release: 2022
  • Role: Music Composition

Over one hundred unique new experiences of medieval larger-than-life drama wait to be discovered in the new event pack. From rival noble houses holding lifelong grudges to childhood bullies, summer crushes, and spoiling spouses with lavish gifts. Your ruler’s everyday existence has never been more fraught – or more exciting – than with Crusader Kings III: Friends & Foes. (Steam)

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About the Project

We composed three medieval ambient tracks with a total length of 12 minutes for this event pack from Crusader Kings III. One mood track was composed for the MENA region, one for Western Europe and the third one in a neutral medieval tone.
We recorded several live soloists with medieval and ethnic instruments (ney, recorders, vihuela, medieval fiddle, lute, oud and darbuka).