Dungeons 4

  • Developer: Realmforge Studios
  • Publisher: Kalypso Media
  • Release: 2023
  • Role: Music Composition & Audio Supervision

The Absolute Evil and its trusted cough servant, the Dark Elf Thalya, return in Dungeons 4 after the events of its fabulous predecessor to bring about their triumph over the forces of good once more. (Steam)

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About the Project

Our second collaboration with Realmforge Studios allowed us to work on their successful Dungeons series. We oversaw the game audio production process of this project and collaborated with two external Sound Designers.
Dungeons 4 is split between a classic RTS gameplay in the Overworld conquering the lands of the good and a city building element in the Underworld, where the player has to build and manage an evil Dungeon. The music we wrote is divided accordingly featuring influences from the rock and metal genre for the bad and a blend of medieval and fantasy orchestra for the good guys. Having the infamous Realmforge humour in mind we tried to always add a sense of playfulness to the music and even made Snots sing for us.

The MainTheme features live recordings from our long time collaborator Ingo Hampf, who we invited to contribute three additional tracks to the game.

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