Insights: The Music of Foundation

Polymorph Games, 20.02.2020

“Ash, our Community Manager, had the pleasure of chatting with Yannick and Robin, founders of Audinity, to get a deeper insight into who they are and their work on Foundation.”

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Crusader Kings III: Royal Court – Dev Diary “Royal Audio”

Paradox Interactive, 05.10.2021

“We’re happy to be on board again for CK3: Royal Court and share some insights into the new music for this expansion!”

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Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign – Dev Diary “Music”

THQ Nordic, 07.07.2020

“The composers of “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” bid thee welcome! Yannick and Robin are from Audinity and, after having worked on many strategy video game titles in the past, are having a blast working on the sequel to one of their favorite childhood video games.”

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The Guild 3 – Soundtrack, Musicians and Compositions

THQ Nordic, 15.04.2016

“The soundtrack to The Guild 3 is composed by “Audinity”. The founders of the studio, Yannick and Robin, are long-standing fans of the The Guild series and already contributed to the soundtrack of The Guild 2: Renaissance. This short interview with Yannick and Robin by Heinrich, producer of The Guild 3, will explain why they’re putting their heart and soul into the project:”

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„Working with Audinity was an absolutely professional, kind and reliable experience. They know what they do and are passionate about their work. Their services are clearly a great addition for everyone who works in the game music business and their ears always helped me out where mine gave up. It will always be a pleasure working with them again!“

Bastian Kieslinger, Audio Director at Grimlore Games

“If you need reliable, skilled and creative partners for your production, Yannick and Robin are your best choice!”

Heinrich Meyer, Producer at THQ Nordic

“Yannick and Robin are valuable partners with a great grasp of music paired with a lot of creativity.”

Fabian Hackhofer, Producer at THQ Nordic

“Working with Audinity is a fabulous experience. They embraced the vision of Foundation with all their professionalism, passion and devotion and their work is proven to be of inestimable quality. Our team wouldn’t be whole without them and we are happy to count them among our friends.”

Philippe Dion, CEO of Polymorph Games


The Gamer reviews Victoria 3

The Gamer, 24.10.2022

“…the game still looks and sounds utterly incredible”

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GameStar reviews Victoria 3

Gamestar, 24.10.2022

“Really good soundtrack!”

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LifeisXbox reviews Spacebase Startopia

LifeisXbox, 29.03.2021

Fun Deck Boombox | Audiowise Spacebase Startopia is a little banger. Each deck has its own theme dedicated to it. I’ll explore this topic a bit further down. But with each setting, a theme follows in suit as well. Take the bio deck for instance. This deck is based (settings-wise) on an ambient floral and funghi surrounding. So, you would expect a likewise soundtrack. As to which I can happily confirm there is! Each deck has its own vibe and I couldn’t be giddier about the fact that they even thought about this little detail! Where others would make it one seamless transition of songs? Here you’ll be treated to a wide range of music, custom-tailored to suit the need of said deck.”

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GameStar, 2020

How is videogame music made and why is it so important?

(in German)


Behind the Audio, 2018

Audinity On Scoring For Historical Settings

(in German)


Four For Music, 2023

Scoring “Knights Of Honor II: Sovereign”, “Victoria 3” and more…