• Developer: Polymorph Games
  • Publisher: Polymorph Games
  • Release: Early Access
  • Role: Music Composition

Foundation is a grid-less, laidback medieval city-building game with a focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management. (Steam)

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About the Project

The gameplay of Foundation is generally pretty relaxing and the visual style rather bright and positive. This is reflected in our soundtrack, which keeps a steady flow and a positive vibe.

The soundtrack is completely non-orchestral, which is a key feature that makes it stand out from most other soundtracks in the (medieval) city-building genre. Instead, we feature several medieval instruments. The musical style itself can be defined as a mixture of folk, pop and authentic medieval elements.

The main ambient soundtrack is organised in three levels with an individual playlist for each level, and musically follows the expansion of the settlement. While the music is very sparse in the beginning and is not much more than some musical fragments, it becomes more consistent and flowing and evolves to bigger instrumentation as the village grows and becomes more busy and populated.

Get the game on Steam: Foundation
Get the soundtrack on Steam: Foundation Original Soundtrack